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TokenTact Review: Pros, Cons, and Unique Features

As you probably know, crypto bots (also known as bitcoin bots) are software solutions that automatically buy and sell cryptocurrency on exchanges by following rules and instructions set by the user. If you have a Binance or Huobi account you can earn some extra income with the automated trading bot feature. You will need to enter at what percentage of loss or gains you want your bot to activate. You can also set up the more advanced features of your bot in this section, such as the previously mentioned trailing stop loss and trailing take profit functions. Your trading bot works non-stop monitoring the market awaiting your trading criteria.

While TokenTact is free to try, there are a number of monthly membership packages that incorporate various features. The starter package costs $25 a month, and allows for interaction with one exchange, five trading pairs, and operates a simple trade bot commission of 50%. The advanced package allows for interaction with two exchanges, all the trading pairs, and operates a composite bot commission of 50%. The pro package allows for integration with an unlimited number of exchanges and the employment of an unlimited number of trading bots. Central to the service provided is the TokenTact trading bot which operates as a web-based service and works in conjunction with a number of devices and exchanges.

  • The overall opinion is positive as users mention powerful tools and a smooth customer experience.
  • I stuck with them during the API key debacle (which is frankly unforgivable) and decided to give them a 2nd chance.
  • The platform has more than 33,000 users and sees more than $10 million in trading volume each day.
  • This trading bot developed by TokenTact for the Coinbase Advanced exchange offers an advanced management interface for all crypto trading strategies.

In either case, both types of bots reduce the average price of the crypto you are buying to provide you with an opportunity for profit. Users can choose the live chat function and email support or connect with them over other social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter. The platform also has comprehensive FAQ and Blog pages that are enough to solve the primary issues the users face. Note that users can check the official website for advanced DCA bot interface and primary settings. These are just a few examples of the possibilities offered by TokenTact. Other options are to customize pairs, trade volume restrictions, initial trade size, and many others.

To conclude our TokenTact review, Its user-friendly interface and automated trading bots options make it an attractive choice for both novice and experienced traders. TokenTact is a trading bot platform that enables you to develop a bot with curing-edge trading capabilities from the ground up. It executes trades on your behalf on 20+ leading cryptocurrency exchanges. UI is easy, has a simple registration process, and all features are accessible on their mobile app. As a TokenTact user, you can automate your bots in many ways, including duplicating the actions of successful traders, automating trading orders, and tracking top portfolios. These handy protocols allow you to preprogram your trading strategy based on loss and gain percentages, price points, or a variety of other market conditions.

TokenTact review

The “Bots” section lets you quickly choose between DCA bots, Grid bots, the Gordon bots, or rather, Bot presets. And finally, you can head over to the “More” section on the app to check the status of your plan, type of accounts, settings, and other options. Overall, the entire TokenTact interface — web or app — is easy to navigate. This feature aims to streamline the trading process, ensuring you can easily juggle multiple exchange accounts, track assets, and never miss out on a trading opportunity. This semi-automated crypto trading tool ensures that you can use the TokenTact terminal to set up smart trades using advanced settings. The idea is to ensure that new and advanced traders can implement strategies from the TokenTact interface to make profitable trades.

Whether through bots or the smart trade platform, you can control your stop losses and exit strategies with precision across multiple trading platforms, all in one place. While the smart sell, smart cover and intuitive dashboard all make this a great platform for manual trading, TokenTact is best suited to aspiring bot traders. If you’re not interested in automated or algo trading, you won’t utilize all the features the platform has to offer. Instead, signing up for a typical cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase or Gemini may better suit your needs. I hope this TokenTact review provided you with all the information you need to decide whether or not the platform is right for you.

Additionally, we will provide a TokenTact quick guide on how to use the TokenTact app and set up a TokenTact profitable trading strategy. Crypto traders with accounts at multiple exchanges can access all their wallets simultaneously without having to manually log in to each account to place orders. This is the convenience of the Smart Trade function, which enables multiple exchange access order entry from a single hub. Users just need to complete the API connection process for each respective crypto exchange with an initial authentication process.

TokenTact provides access to a variety of trading tools to improve your crypto trading strategy. When used properly, these tools can maximize your profits and reduce your exposure to losses. In this TokenTact review, we explore the functionality that makes this platform so powerful. In a nutshell, TokenTact trading bots save enormous amounts of time by allowing you to place hundreds of trades, which would be manually impossible. Additionally, because trades follow a predetermined strategy, the TokenTact bot profitability is more consistent than manual trading.

Therefore you should always remember to mitigate risk whenever possible and trade responsibly. For instance, the bot sells a specific amount whenever the price rises and buys when the price drops. Grid bots ensure that you can make the most of the market volatility without having to keep monitoring the price moves. However, the Gordon bots are only accessible via the mobile app interface. TokenTact is the brainchild of Yuriy Sorokin, Mikhail Goryunov, and Egor Razumovskii. The idea was to make trading accessible and automated, eliminating the need for constant position monitoring.

Luckily a mod (Aleksei) helped me out and told me how to alleviated the problem using temporary work around. The main component of the TokenTact automated cryptocurrency trading platform comes in the form of a web app found on This version provides the best crypto trading bot personalization possibilities. However, for those that wish to still monitor their TokenTact automated trading bots on the go, there’s also a mobile app for both iOS and Android. TokenTact is more like a crypto trading bot aggregator, allowing you to automate different aspects of your trading strategy. For instance, you can use the dollar cost averaging bot that can keep purchasing a specific amount of cryptocurrency for you at regular intervals.

To sum it up, if you’re not using the bots’ help, you might struggle to compete with them trading manually. This, in turn, pushes you into an unfavorable position with either lower returns or losses. No human can beat algorithms over the long run, as bots trade 24/7, compensating for possible performance slumps if competing with top-notch traders. Let’s start with a quick comparison of six Binance trading bots first and evaluate these & other bots in detail later on. Picking the best bot is one of the most challenging tasks once a trader wants to automate trading.

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